General Information

Online participation to BABE2022 symposium from outside of Japan
Although Japanese government will lift any restrictions on entry into Japan and allow again a visa-free trip to Japan from October 11th, still the in-person participation to BABE2022 symposium, held at Otsu, Japan, November 17th-19th, 2022, is not easy from foreign countries.
With that in mind, organizing committee of the symposium decided to open the way to participate in BABE2022 symposium by online. This is only for the participants from outside of Japan.
If you hope to participate in BABE2022 symposium online, please make a registration from this website.
The registration fee for online participation is
Online participation
(until Nov. 7th)
Academia & governor ¥20,000
Industry ¥30,000
Student (incl. Pos-doc) ¥5,000
Please note that online registrants can listen the oral presentation only (cannot see the poster presentation). Abstract booklet will be sent by e-mail as a PDF file.
Best Regards
Organizing committee of BABE2022 symposium
Name of Conference
4th International Symposium on BA/BE of Oral Drug Products, 2022
Thursday, 17 - Saturday, 19, November, 2022
Shiga Prefectural Exchange Center Piazza Omi,
1-1-20 Nionohama,
Otsu, Shiga, 〒520-0801
A five-minute taxi ride from Otsu station (JR Biwako Line).
A twelve-minute walk from Zeze station (JR Biwako Line).
A five-minute walk from Ishiba station (Keihan Ishiyama-sakamoto Line).
A ten-minute bus ride from Otsu station (JR Biwako Line).
Access Information
Access information from Tokyo, Osaka and other cities can be found in the following website.
The official language of BABE 2022 symposium is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.
Registration Hours
All participants should pick up the badges and meeting materials during the following times. On-site registration is also accepted.
Thursday, November 17:
8:30 - 17:20
Friday, November 18:
8:30 - 18:30
Saturday, November 19:
8:30 - 15:00
You can find restaurants within walking distance of the venue. Information will be provided at the Registration.
Banquet will be held on November 18, 19:00-21:00 at Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel. To join the Banquet, participants should pre-register to the Banquet through the website. On-site ticket will also be available (ask to the Symposium Secretariat at the venue).
Instruction for Oral Presentation
All oral speakers, including selected speakers from poster presentations (Young scientist oral presentation), will use your computer for presentations.
Your computer should be connected to the Zoom meeting system.
When you connect to Zoom, your microphone must be inactivated, your speaker must be muted, and your camera must be off.
A microphone at the podium should be used for your presentation.
Zoom information will be shared by November 10th via e-mail.
The symposium office will provide an internet connection via a LAN cable for your presentation.
Please use a computer equipped with a LAN connector or bring a connecting device for a LAN cable.
Note that the use of Wi-Fi will not be guaranteed a stable connection.
◇ Please follow the below instruction for your presentation.
Come to the next speaker's seat at least 10 min before starting your presentation.
Connect the LAN cable to your computer and check the internet connection.
Join the Zoom meeting with your computer's microphone, speaker, and camera inactivated.
When the previous presenter finishes his/her presentation, come up to the podium with your computer. Please watch your step and LAN cables.
Enable screen or desktop sharing in the Zoom meeting, then start your presentation.
After finishing your session, disable screen or desktop sharing. Please do not forget it.
Step down from the podium, exit the Zoom meeting, and disconnect the LAN cable from your computer. Please watch your step and LAN cables when you step down.
If you are not planning to use your computer for your presentation, please provide your slide file as a USB memory to the registration desk on the 3rd floor of Piazza Omi (Poster & Exhibition room) before starting the first session of the day.
In this case, the available operating system for your presentation will be Microsoft Windows 10 (Microsoft PowerPoint) only (no Macintosh available).
For all speakers, please keep your slides in the USB memory as a back-up for unexpected circumstances.
Instruction for Poster Presentation
All posters, including selected young researcher oral presentations, must be displayed in the Poster & Exhibition room during the symposium from November 17 through 19.
Check your poster number in the program and set up your poster at the panel of your number.
Thursday, November 17:
8:30 - 17:20 (poster set up: 8:30 - 8:50)
Friday, November 18:
8:30 - 18:30
Saturday, November 19:
8:30 - 15:00 (poster removal: 15:00 - 15:30)
Authors are required to be at the poster during the presentation time ( November 18: 15:00 - 16:00 ) to answer questions and participate in discussions.
Venue and location:
3rd floor of Piazza Omi (Poster & Exhibition room)
Poster board size:
117 cm (width) x 168 cm (height)
The symposium office will supply your poster number (W: 21 cm, H: 14.8 cm) on the upper left corner of the poster board and push pins.
Bring only items which can be mounted on the poster board.
No electrical or projection capabilities will be available.
Floor Map