Ikumi Tamai, Ph.D. (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Elke Lipka, Ph.D. (TSRL inc., USA)

The International Symposia on BA/BE of Oral Drug Products is the place to discover and understand the latest innovative science as it relates to the intestinal absorption of oral drug products. Historically, the first BA/BE Meeting was held in Kobe, Japan, in 2011, the second in Seoul, Korea in 2014, and the third in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2018.

This 4th BA/BE meeting is held in Shiga, Japan, with an overarching theme of “Lessons from the Past Shaping the Future” and consists of three days of lectures with speakers from academia, industries and regulatory agencies from all over the world. The conference is co-hosted by the Drug Delivery Foundation and the Research Center for Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Development Science, Ritsumeikan University.

The main theme of the symposium was chosen to acknowledge the fundamental impact a number of senior scientists had on the field of biopharmaceutics, and to illustrate how the next generation of bright young investigators will take biopharmaceutical science and drug product development of oral drug formulations to the next level. With this new vision in mind, it is our mission to maximize the therapeutic outcomes for patients and profoundly increase their quality of life.

The symposium will walk participants through historical approaches to develop oral drug products and predict BA/BE, followed by sessions on novel, cutting-edge experimental formulation methodologies and simulations of oral drug absorption. Fundamental dissolution and absorption theory and in vivo performance assessments of oral drug products will be introduced. Finally, current status of regulation of oral drug products in EU, USA, and Asia will be presented to continue the discussion on the international harmonization of oral drug regulation. Furthermore, we will have three plenary lectures (Profs. Gordon Amidon, Gregory Amidon and Shinji Yamashita) and three special lectures by Profs. Yuichi Sugiyama and Duxin Sun, and Dr. Lawrence Yu.

We welcome all scientists working on BA/BE to join us in Shiga, Japan, to understand the history and basis of BA/BE, learn about up-to-date technology and the current status of product approval regulations, and be inspired for future achievements by cutting-edge science for oral delivery.