Lessons From the Past
Shaping the Future
4th International Symposium on
BA/BE of Oral Drug Products, 2022
November 17-19, 2022
Otsu, Shiga, Japan
Appreciation to the Participants in BA/BE2022
It is our great pleasure to express our appreciation for your participation in the 4th BA/BE in Otsu, Shiga, Japan held on November 17th to 19th, 2022 at the Piazza Omi.
The three day meeting started from “Past to Present”, followed by “Present to Future” and “Future and Regulation” on the meeting theme “Lessons from the Past Shaping the future”. Starting with 3 plenary lectures and 3 special lectures by established speakers, we enjoyed presentations by 7 sessions of symposium by researchers from academia, industries, and regulatory agencies with 4 speakers in each session and 39 poster presentations by younger researchers and students. In several symposium sessions, younger investigators selected from posters made oral presentations. Although several speakers outside Japan could not attend this meeting on site due to covid-19 pandemic, they successfully made presentations and answered questions online. The attendees were from China, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Korea, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA as well as Japan. It was a successful international meeting to share and discuss future science and technologies for oral drug products in spite of a difficult time due to the pandemic. We would like to thank all participants for traveling/online attending late at night from all over the world.
This meeting was also dedicated to 3 great scientists who have recently retired or going to retire from their Universities, Professors Gordon L. Amidon (University of Michigan), Gregory E. Amidon (University of Michigan) and Shinji Yamashita (Setsunan University), who have been leading researchers for BA/BE of oral drug products for a long time.
We would like to thank again all the participants of this meeting from all over the world and sponsors, including foundations and industries donated and exhibited and we hope see you again in next BA/BE meeting.
Yours Sincerely,
Ikumi Tamai, Ph.D.
Elke Lipka, Ph.D.
Co-Chair of BA/BE 2022
Monday, November 28, 2022
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Lessons From the Past Shaping the Future
Day 1:Past to Present
  • Plenary lectures
    Profs. Gordon L. Amidon, Gregory E. Amidon, Shinji Yamashita
  • Special lectures
    Profs. Yuichi Sugiyama, Peter Langguth, Duxin Sun
  • Session Ⅰ - What was done in the past
  • Session Ⅱ - What is going on now
Day 2:Present to Future
  • Session Ⅲ - Understanding gastrointestinal physiologies in human
  • Session Ⅳ - Innovation in formulation technologies
  • Session Ⅴ - How to evaluate in vivo performance of oral drug products
  • Poster Session
Day 3:Future and Regulation
  • Session Ⅵ - Cutting-edge technologies for oral drug delivery
  • Session Ⅶ - Regulatory standards towards harmonization
Shiga Prefectural Exchange Center Piazza Omi, 1-1-20 Nionohama, Otsu, Shiga, Japan
Research Center for Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Development Science
Ikumi Tamai, Ph.D. (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Elke Lipka, Ph.D. (TSRL inc, USA)
Peter Langguth, Ph.D. (Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany)
Takuya Fujita, Ph.D. (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Yasuhiro Tsume (MSD, USA)
Xinyuan Zhang (Daiichi Sankyo, USA)
Paulo Paixao (University of Lisbon, Portugal)
Marival Bermejo (Miguel Hernandez University, Spain)
Kohsaku Kawakami (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)
Makoto Kataoka (Setsunan University, Japan)
Toshihide Takagi (Setsunan University, Japan)
Keisuke Ueda (Chiba University, Japan)